About Us

YourConcern Tours is an established firm in the tours, safaris and events industry with exceptional skills in handling all types of tours; outdoor and indoor for both domestic and international tourists.

Your Concern Tours was founded on 24th December 2016 under the Econcern Group as a flagship project to fund the organization as well as to serve the organization’s goal of venturing into resourceful opportunities, the tourism industry in this case.

Our expertise services begins with understanding the needs of the client and engaging them all through the process of scheduling and planning to achieve the finest outcome.

We guarantee our clients an exceptional, blissful, and fantastic experience that exceeds their leisure, group or corporate travel expectations.  Our excellence maps on providing creative, unique and quality travel and events services to fulfill client satisfaction as our priority and business cornerstone.

The company is founded on the basis of; Integrity, Accountability, Commitment, Creativity, and Wanderlust

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Value for Money


Options Diversity


To offer cutting-edge services that are not only fulfilling but beyond the clients expectations through creativity, professionalism, and variety of choices.

To offer the most impeccable platform for social and economic networking upon the discovering the vast influence in travel and events for unity and Networking between people.

Impacting the environment conservation notion in our clients by taking them to naturally clean destinations to experience the feeling and sharing information that will help to boost their interest and appreciation of a clean environment.

To the employees, we strive to inspire, and drive a sense of confidence and ownership by giving them freedom to plan and manage travel packages by themselves thus developing their passion in the travel industry.


To be the Mt Everest in the tourism Industry by offering creative and top quality services as our priority in bridging the clients’ budget and their travel dreams.

Why Choose Us?

We relieve you off the stress involved in bookings and travelling by handling all the hard work hence giving you convenient time to enjoy and fulfill your desire.

We are passionate about sharing the wonders of nature, adrenaline spirit, wildlife, and culture with numerous destinations and tour packages at hand for you to choose.

We have the best and well informed travel, events and tours consultants from all diversities of life.

We understand that the growth and expansion of the company depends on customer satisfaction and promise fulfillment. Thus we strive to offer the very best travel and event services, ensuring that every client passing through our hands have a reason to back with several other referrals.

In case of any problem experience during the tour we act as the client’s advocate and resolve the issue on your behalf.

Our tours and travel are spiced with exclusive professional photography and first class meals.

Besides all we offer the most affordable and fulfilling travel, events and safaris packages.

Are You Ready to Meet the World?

The world is full of awesome, magical, blissful, and scenic destinations waiting to crown the traveler with therapeutic and awakening moments.

Born free you need to be wild, to explore, discover, network and experience the beautiful and magical awes of nature.

The best moments are made and experienced outdoor. Only the adventurers, the outdoor enthusiast, adrenaline junkies and hikers can tell this tale best.

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